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A Favorite List 
You have the opportunity to add products which you purchase frequently to your favorite list. This makes it much easier for you to create your order, if you have certain products which is frequently used.

• An Order List
You can review your total order history aswell as repeating any specific orders you would like to. This can save you alot of time - just aswell as adding products to your favorite list can.

• VAT deduction
only applies to VAT-registered businesses in the European Union (EU). If you are shopping on behalf of a VAT-registered business within EU, you can have the VAT deducted from your purchases. The prices that are shown in the shop are inclusive of DK VAT which is 25% if you're not logged in, so therefore the final price of the products may vary from those shown. As soon as you log in, the prices will be shown without VAT, and therefore the prices will be different.

How to get an account?
To get an account you have to send us an e-mail where you request to have an account created. This can be done to

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